Type & OG Colour & Head Bouquet & Flavour
Light Lager
OG 35-40
Light golden. Good head retention. Bouquet a delicate blend of hops, malt and DMS. Clean, dry and refreshing. Light in malt and hops.
Heavy Lager
OG 50-65
Golden to amber. Good head retention. Malty and grainy bouquet with slight DMS and a good hop balance. Full-bodied, malty flavour, a firm hop, and perceptible alcohol. Some residual sweetness may be apparent.
Light Ale
OG 30-35
Straw to amber. Light head. Lightly hopped. Clean, dry and refreshing. No flavour components prominent.
Pale Ale or Bottled Bitter
OG 40-45
Golden to deep copper. Good head. Hops in the bouquet leading to malt and grain. Full-bodied, malty and grainy with a hoppy bitter farewell. Perhaps a little residual sweetness.
India Pale Ale OG 50-60 Rich golden to deep copper. Good head. Hoppy alcoholic and grainy bouquet. Full-bodied, malty and grainy with a prominent hop and a clean bitter farewell. Some residual sweetness to balance the hop.
London Brown Ale
OG 35-40
Light to dark brown. Good close-knit head. Malty bouquet backed by caramel. A sweet, smooth blend of malt and caramel with low hop flavour.
Newcastle Brown Ale
OG 45-50
Light reddish brown. Good head. Bouquet a blend of caramel and hop. A full-bodied flavour of caramelised malt. Some bitterness and noticeable sweetness.
Dry Stout
OG 45-50
Almost black. Well-retained, fine-textured head. Bouquet and flavour of roasted grains. Full and dry with a long hard bitter finish.
Sweet Stout
OG 40-45
Deep garnet to almost black. Well-retained, fine-textured head. Predominantly malty bouquet with some dark grain. A sweet smooth blend of caramel and malt with slight bitterness.
OG 60-70
Dark brown to almost black. Well-retained, fine-textured head. Bouquet of brown and chocolate malts. Full flavour with some residual sweetness to balance the hop and roast grain.
Strong Ale
OG 60-80
Golden to garnet. Good head. The bouquet should be malty and fruity, backed with a good hop aroma. A full-bodied blend of malt, hops and alcohol with some residual sweetness.
Barley Wine
OG 90+
Golden to brown. Light head. Rich, fruity, hoppy, alcoholic and vinous. The flavour should be full, rounded and malty with a smooth and mature blend of sweetness, hop and alcohol.
Wheat Beer
OG 45-55
Pale straw to dark gold. Thick well-retained head. This is a young fresh fast maturing beer. It is typically brewed using up to 50% wheat malt and is often cloudy. It should be highly carbonated with a thick, well retained head. Yeast derived flavours, from using the correct type of yeast, are needed and can be fruity and spicy, with phenolic clove and banana like flavours amongst others. Belgian styles often use unmalted wheat, producing a bready/grainy flavour, and may be flavoured with coriander and orange peel. Hop bitterness, flavour and aroma should be low, with a soft finish on the palate. Commercial examples include Hoegaarden, Schneider-weisse, Erdinger and Franziskaner.

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